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A major eruption of Covid 19 is underway and residents fear the eruption could have caused much more devastation. A report by Nigeria's National Health and Medical Research Council (NHRN) said Covids had been confirmed in 19 cases and 5 deaths as of April 30. This is a cause for concern that a major outbreak of the disease is under way, which is currently being investigated by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Kano's health infrastructure, like most parts of Nigeria, is poor and, if not curbed quickly, could lead to significant deaths among a population estimated at 13.4 million. Given the low literacy rate, public authorities should ensure that information on public health is accessible and available in the relevant languages.

Given the state of the poor health infrastructure, access to timely, accurate and accessible information is key to containing the transmission of the virus. In times of crisis, the government should work with trusted groups - based on communities like the Kano Community Health Center (KCHC) - to protect citizens by providing them with the right information. WHO) to identify, isolate and treat Covid 19 cases and trace contacts to curb their spread. Join our Expert Forum, which focuses on returning to profitability, and join us in a panel discussion on the future of hotels and resorts in Nigeria.

People may try to cheat you, and if someone asks for money, don't hesitate to leave, but if you just visit the city, negotiate it out. Visitors can pay N200 for a visit and get away with it, or they can hire a yellow or blue taxi to make sure you check in and agree on a price before you leave. If you buy in a store, you have to haggle and go if you're not sure of the deal.

Note also that in Kano, motorized rickshaws have been introduced for Muslim women who do not want to sit near their female motorcyclists.

There have been a number of bombings and shootings in Kano, as well as in other cities in northern and central Nigeria, but public awareness is weak and there is a lack of information about the health system in the city and other parts of the country. A doctor at Kano State General Hospital said his hospital was short of doctors, nurses and medical equipment. His comments were echoed by the chairman of the Nigerian Medical Association of Kanos, who said: "Health messages are mainly an issue that many people do not have access to. In recent weeks, sectarian riots have also taken place in northern Nigeria, but these are mainly due to political tensions and are not directed against foreigners.

Researchers have asked authorities to conduct autopsies and scrap Covid-19 tests to determine how far the virus has spread. An independent survey by the National Center for Disease Control and Prevention (NCDC) and WHO, which examined the symptoms and demographic profile of patients, suggested Covids 19.

Most hotels, except the Prince Hotel, do not offer alcohol, but most Kano hotel rooms have refrigerators and for a small fee you can easily buy a bottle of beer from a member of staff to consume in your room. In almost all hotels in Nigeria, you must pay for the room in advance; some cost up to $70. You should apply at least four weeks in advance to the relevant embassy or High Committee. A letter can be requested from your employer and you will need proof that you can be financially supported.

You can sell blue-dyed cloth clothes in various tie and dye patterns and get a short tour of the mine. The indigo dye was once used to make clothes for Nigerian kings and is said to be used as a medicine. It is mixed with potassium ash and fermented for months until it is ready to dye cloth.

The standard rooms are small beds and the beer is served, but five of us ate way too much for about N = 15,000 (about $15,000).

Kano is safe, but I would be cautious when I travel to a new city, and Kano serves as a good example of the dangers of high-speed rail in Nigeria. It is also at the intersection of a highway that runs through it, and the train service to Kono has been abandoned, though the government hopes to change this.

Major hotel companies, including Marriott, are fighting back against these barriers by developing new expansion strategies to avoid delays. This year, Marriott signed a contract to build 1,300 new guest rooms, including hotels in existing markets such as Abuja, Lagos and Port Harcourt. The company is now expanding its brand into new markets, including Kano, Nigeria's second-largest city and the country's third-largest economy. Marriott will operate the 4,000-room hotel for the first time in Nigeria under the Marriott International brand.

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